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Monitoring and Supervision Mechanism in District Jhelum

 Ranking of the Districts & Divisions Sep 2012 Quarter


  • Monitoring and Supervision Mechanism


    The Executive District Officer (Education), District Education Officers ,nd Dy District Education Officers and Assistant Education Officers conduct inspections of the schools on regular basis. The inspection tours aim at appraisal of the academic work of the schools in addition to general up keep maintenance of record, utilization of funds, internal audit, technical inspection and provision of guidance counseling and mentoring for further acceleration in the work out put and eradication of prevalent deficiencies.




  • District Monitoring Department - The Role of DMO


    The District Monitoring Officer conducts inspection of the schools for appraisal and reporting whether the institutions are upto the marks in their performance as envisioned by the Government of the Punjab. He has a group of employees known as Monitoring and Evaluation Assistants (MEAs) who are on the strength of Chief Minster Monitoring Force. These MEAs regularly visit the schools and furnish report over five core areas of institutional functioning viz teacher absenteeism, provision of free text books, cleanliness, enrolment gap and utilization of facilities. The DMO also monitors the implementation status of development schemes being executed in the schools.





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